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Specifications of the fountain

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The dancing and musical fountain was commissioned in the year 1996 as part of the beautification plan for the city of Bangalore. Located in the heart of the city on the Raj Bhavan road in the old LRDE Complex, this is one of the places of tourist attraction in Bangalore. The fountain is installed amidst a landscape that synchronizes with the system. The area is about 17 acres located opposite the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium near the Raj Bhavan. The fountain is under the aegis of the Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka. The development and maintenance of the garden in the LRDE premises is the responsibility of the Deputy Director of Horticulture, Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Development of the garden is taken up with a view to improve the landscape of the area.

The dancing and musical fountain is based on the latest multimedia technology, providing high versatility in programming as well as in play back to various Indian and Western musical themes. A number of fountain patterns, each with three distinct heights, develop into formations creating an illusion of a folk or group dance.

Salient features

The dancing and musical fountain is one of the most advanced dancing fountains in India based on multimedia technology, with industry standard MIDI interfaces and hardware architecture. For the first time in the country, the programme generated would become portable across any similar installation, with very less modification.

With in-built ability in the programme to compensate for individual time delay characteristics of each fountain form, the time synchronization of the development of patterns or the movement of the patterns are possible within very close limits surpassing even the imported designs.

Unlike many other fountains in the country, this fountain uses a unique binary control concept to obtain three distinct levels for each of its forms.This fountain uses hydraulic system to produce the dancing movements, instead of geared motors. This enables for provisions of a number of independent channels for control of the fountain patterns.

The fountain grid design, pumping system, hydraulic dancing mechanism and the controller electronics are all modular, thereby making them adaptable for future expansion. The design is compact and works on re-circulated water. In this design, the consumption of water is kept very low, avoiding the need for large outlays in terms of water supply lines.

The fountain is built on the backdrop of a multimedia show using a twin projector. This would project images of stills on the screen behind the fountain, which is also synchronized with the music. It is the countrys first musical fountain, which has a visual image facility. The compact design of the fountain is well suited for construction of a canopy on the top as a part of the future expansion programme. This would create an amphitheatre atmosphere and enable arranging daytime shows of the fountain.

Shows / Events

Scheduled shows of the dancing and musical fountain are organized every day in the evening. Two shows each lasting for about half an hour - between 7 and 7-30 PM and 8 and 8.30 PM are organized. Mondays and second Tuesdays of the month are holidays.

Plant Wealth

The area surrounding the Musical and Dancing fountain has a landscape that is enriched with many trees, shrubs and creepers. Added to these are a rosary, rockery, and lawns that beautify the area. Some of the tree species found are Ficus sp. Cypress, Eucalyptus, Peltophorums, Poinciana regia, Lagerstroemia flos-reginae, Silver Oaks And other tree species. Shrubs that are found in the area are Mussaenda rosea, Mussaenda phillipica, Murraya exotica, Euphorbia leucocephala, Bottle brush - callistemon sp., Duranta sp., Thuja compacta, Euphorbia - Flaming sphere, Crotons , Agave americana, Yucca sp.; Creepers include Jacquementia violacea, Bougainvillea sp., Bignonia venusta, Passion flowers - Passiflora edulis, and others.

Rockery: The rockery is beautified with plants such as Aglonema sp., Diffenbachia sp., Syngonium sp., Alternanthera sp. Chlorophytum sp., Cuphia sp., etc.

Rosary : Two small rosaries are located on either side of the fountain. Roses of different colours / varieties are grown that make the landscape attractive.

Lawns of American Bermuda, Cyanodon dactylon near the fountain area gives the view of an open landscape.

Specifications of the fountain

Dimension - 30m x 10m

Basic patterns

Linear patterns

Peacock Tail (Dynamic)

Spinners (Dynamic)

Orgain Pipe

Cross streams

Clapping Hands (Dynamic)

Waltzing Fountain (Dynamic)

Water curtain (Dynamic)


Square Grid Patterns

Wedding cake

Cross Arm

Diagonal Arm

Ping Pong

High Jet (central)


Heights : Low, Medium and High

Combination : 30 combination patterns can be obtained

using the above basic patterns.

Number of lights : A total of 100 lights are used and synchronized with music. These lights are grouped into five colours and arranged appropriately to illuminate a particular pattern.


To view the musical and dancing fountain, entry fee is charged for adults and vehicles. Children below the age of 10 years are exempted from paying the entry fee.

For further information, please contact :-

The Directorate of Horticulture,
Lalbagh, Bangalore,
Karnataka, India.  

Ph: 080 - 26571925
Fax: 080 - 26570181


The Deputy Director of Horticulture,
Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Ph: 080 - 22864125